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Narrat is a game engine for making interactive narrative RPGs packed with features.. Create your game by editing with a Simple scripting syntax. It supports Skills with skill check rolls, an Items inventory, and has a Quests System. The script system is very powerful and allows branching choices, functions, variables and conditions.


Level Up

To pass or fail skill tests


Complete Objectives

With a dynamic quest log


Collect Items

with the inventory feature

How does it work?

Narrat games are made by writing narrat scripts. Narrat scripts use a simple and approachable scripting language that is designed for writing interactive RPGs. No need to write complicated code, just write your story.

Code Example

code example

Result in game

ingame result of the example

Narrat Starter

A tool to create your narrat project from templates..

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Narrat Scripts

Edit narrat script files to write your game.

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Games made with Narrat

Will This Bitter Night Bring Change? - Two Women in Trouble

By Mia Cain

Follow Hornet and Emily in their attempt to escape the City, in all its neon glory.

Get the game on

No Saints Go to Heaven

Coming to terms with your own immortality

Submitted by @stanwixbuster as part of the narrat game jam

Play free on

ISAIAH 24:4-6

A curse consumes the earth; its people must bear their guilt.

Submitted by Digital Poppy as part of the narrat game jam

Play free on

Thursday’s Food Panic

Will you be a baby angel or a naughty goblin?

Submitted by PRINCESS INTERNET CAFé as part of the narrat game jam

Play free on

Spoon Survival

You are given a certain amount of spoons per day to spend on actions. Try to survive.

Submitted by as part of the narrat game jam

Play free on

Lovely Lady RPG

In Development by Digital Poppy

Wandering bleary eyed through the rubble of world that has run out of reasons to keep going, a woman seeks her soul.


See the Documentation for more info, or jump directly in the Getting Started Guide


  • Easy script syntax for writing games without “real code”
  • Branching, conditions and variables
  • Multiple characters with configurable poses
  • Themable UI (with CSS, explained in the docs)
  • Skills and skill checks (dice rolls against skill levels) system
  • Interactive visual screens alongside the dialogue
  • HUD for currency or other stats
  • save/load
  • audio
  • notifications
  • Exports to web or PC
  • Functions with parameters and return values in the scripting
  • Inventory
  • Quests


New narrat syntax highlighting extension for Visual Studio Code

Published on August 01, 2022
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Narrat 2.2.0 - Scripting improvements, Steam support, new sound features and save slots

Published on July 21, 2022
Narrat 2.2.0 Narrat 2.2.0 (and a few more versions since) released recently, there are a few new features since the last 2.1.0 update: Docs…

Narrat 2.1.0

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Narrat 2.0.0

Published on July 01, 2022
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